MMC Fertility Thermometer 


Client:MiaoMiaoCe Technology Co.,Ltd.


Overview: Research  Design Development  Prototyping  Structure Design  Engineering Liaison  Production Supervision.

MMC Fertility Thermometer(for female users) is an intelligent electronic thermometer with a sleek appearance. We simplified the body with rounded form in order to conform ergonomics. Meanwhile, it’s more comfortable and convenient for users to grip and store. The scale of the metal probe was redesigned carefully, and its smooth and flat surface increases the contact area between the human body and the thermometer, so that the users do not have a strong sense of pressure and pain. With high-precision-conversion-module inside , the product can sense temperature changes of 0.05 °C to ensure accurate and stable temperature measurement. When the measurement is completed, there will be a prompt tone to automatically remind the user, the built-in backlit screen and the high-screen ratio digital numbers make the user's reading easy in the dark. The App continuously collects body temperature data via Bluetooth, and then, transmits data to the cloud. Finally, the automatic temperature curve of the body will help women to observe the cycle changes of the body, so that they can better understand their menstrual period and pregnancy situation.

MMC Fertility Thermometer(for female users) won the German IF International Design Award in 2018, and has been sold on