Electric Shaver


Client:Foshan Huanzhixing Technology Co., Ltd.

Time Line:2017-2018

Overview: Research   Design Development   Prototyping   Structure Design


Electric Shaver uses electromagnetic transmission technology to effectively reduce noise and reduce power consumption, which is different from traditional mechanical-transmission razor. The 8-way flexible cutter and double-layer blade enable the user to shave more than 20% of the hair with less back and forth during use, in contrast to ordinary razor. Get a more comfortable and clean experience while saving effort! Meanwhile, it’s more comfortable for users to grip with simple and light appearance. According to Ergonomics, the product is right-sized for the hand, with a new geometric pattern for better tactility. The indicator light has three different color states, which respectively represent the on, charging, and low-power modes. So that, the users can see the status of the product simple and fast. The three-blade electric shaver is designed with waterproof technology, and it’s suitable for both wet and dry use, even bathed. The cutter can be replaced with a washing brush to meet more needs in different situation.