HHCC  Monitor

Client:HHCC Plant Technology Co.,Ltd.


Overview: Research   Design Development   Prototyping   Structure Design  Engineering Liaison  Production Supervision.

Plants need to convert light and nutrients into their own energy, but these factors are often ignored by beginners. HHCC Monitor can help users understand the language of plants. The product's appearance is simple and elegant.Every element of the product was though with restraint and quality in mind, and the size is carefully scrutinized to perfectly fit the overall size of most flower pots. Users can use HHCC Monitors to obtain data such as ambient temperature, soil moisture, soil fertility and light, making flowering process easier and simpler. With mobile App and cloud services, users can get accurate data of light temperature and soil nutrient content. Different plants have different requirements for light and fertility, and users can query the maintenance requirements for about 900 common plants in mobile applications, compare the actual readings of plants with the preset demand values. So that, users can better judge the growth of plants situation.
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