Client:HHCC Plant Technology Co.,Ltd.


Overview:Research   Design Development   Prototyping   Structure Design


ROPOT can help users understand the language of plants. The pots could detect of soil moisture and fertility in real time through built-in sensors. Users are able to judge the state of the plant according to the change of the light of different colors of the pot body. The built-in monitoring head of the flower pot is cleverly designed and placed on the inner side of the pot wall without damaging the root growth of the plant.
The inner and outer basins are integrally molded, and the ABS high-strength material is used to avoid corrosion. The inner basin is designed to be 14cm in diameter, which is compatible with most of the current family green plants and is easy to place indoors. The bottom of the product is equipped with anti-slip rubber pads to stabilize the flower pots, protect the contact surface between the basin and the ground. We integrate details into the nuances of the product. The product is paired with mobile App, which offers more than 900 common plants and their growth parameters. It is convenient for users to compare and understand the growth of plants in real time. The App also records the daily state of the plant based on the results of real-time detection of smart pots and provides planting advices.
ROPOT  won the 2017 German IF International Design Award, and has been sold on