Smart Detector


Client: School of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University


Overview: Research   Design Development   Prototyping   Structure Design


The Smart Smoke-detectors can help users to timely know the dangers at home. The product is small in size, beautiful in appearance, and easy to disassemble, which is convenient for maintenance and inspection. Through the internal intelligent electronic processor, the product has ultra-low energy consumption, and can guarantee the service life of more than 5 years under normal conditions. In the case that ordinary smoke detectors are often accidentally touched, the smart smoke detector has increased the reset-button to allow the users to reset it in case of false situation. The product has two mounting methods, which can be glued with 3M glue or screwed to meet the various needs of users. Users only need to connect the mobile APP to the smoke detector, no matter where they are. So that, they can receive the information in time to take corresponding measures to deal with the danger situation.