About ROCI Design

Founded in 2014 by Beijing ROCI Technology Co., Ltd, ROCI Design develop cohesive brand to custom assembled for each client and product program, such as Xiaomi, Miaomiao Ce, Huahua Caocao. etc. From identifying opportunities to execution and beyond , our strategic practice is tuned to deliver clear and actionable guidance for client partners to achieve big leaps forward - with new and better experiences in Electronic Technology, Smart Home, Entry Lux. etc. Honored with several international awards, like “Red Dot” and “Industrie Forum Design”,our communications efforts focus on bringing to life the inherent value of the product or experience through compelling activities out in the world.

Designing products is where we started, and remains a core strength. Our company reinvent categories and help clients to demonstrate leadership-with empowered user's experiences. The key deliverables mainly include: ideation, design development, 3D CAD (if necessary), engineering liaison, packaging and visual design, point of sale.

In our nimble multidisciplinary teams, ROCI Design are developing new own-label products. Using a wide variety of senior tools, we identify and develop analytical strategy for product growth. New opportunities exist in these functional and passionate products and build the future, we believe.

Whether you’re a prospective client, interested in joining our growing team or simply a fan of our work, stop by and contact us with email!